Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Did you know installing a Solar rooftop system can reduce your carbon footprint by 95%?

Solar energy works on the basic principle of photoelectric effect where light is converted to electricity. This conversion takes place without any emissions of toxic gases into the environment. Unlike Fossil Fuels, Solar energy has a negligible amount of carbon footprint.

Taking into consideration the extraction of raw materials, transport, processing, manufacturing, the amount of CO2 emissions released per unit electricity generated is only 48g for Solar Panels compared to 547g and 870g for Natural Gas and Coal respectively.

When your electricity needs are met by Solar power, your carbon footprint is reduced by 92% and 95% as compared to when your electricity needs are met by Natural Gas and Coal respectively.

As Greenhouse gas emissions are less for Solar power, its adoption to combat climate change is a strategy Solarify is implementing at an individual and national level.  Homes, commercial complexes, educational institutions, industries, can reduce their electric-power carbon footprint at a scale and pace that is not only consistent with, but vastly accelerates India's attainment of its Climate Change goals. Go Solar. Go Green.

Calculate your savings from our calculator optimized for your city and building here.

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